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Rajakula Agamudayar is a sub-group within the Agamudayar community in Tamil Nadu, India. Agamudayars are historically known for their warrior status and have a significant presence in the southern part of Tamil Nadu.

The term “Rajakula” suggests royal lineage, indicating that the Rajakula Agamudayar subgroup claims descent from royal or noble families. The Agamudayar have traditionally been associated with agricultural and military roles.


Key points about the Rajakula Agamudayar and the broader Agamudayar community include:

Historical Role: Traditionally, the Agamudayar community was involved in agriculture and served in various military capacities. They were known for their valor and warrior skills.

Social Structure: The Agamudayar follow a clan-based system with various lineages tracing their ancestry to historic and sometimes mythological figures.

Cultural Practices: The community observes a mix of Hindu cultural practices and local traditions. They celebrate various festivals, most notably those associated with their clan deities and hero worship.

Political Influence: Members of the Agamudayar community have been active in Tamil Nadu politics, with significant influence in regional governance and representation.

Modern Developments: In contemporary times, the Agamudayar community, including the Rajakula Agamudayar subgroup, has diversified into various professions while maintaining a connection to their traditional roots.

Understanding the Rajakula Agamudayar requires a broader look at the social and historical context in Tamil Nadu, reflecting the rich cultural heritage and evolving socio-political dynamics of the region.

Historically Rajakula Agamudayar bores Servai and Devar(Thevar) titles after their name.
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