Mudaliar and Agamudayar are not the same, though there can be some overlap in the use of titles and community affiliations in Tamil Nadu. Here’s a detailed explanation of each term and their distinctions:


  1. Title Usage: Mudaliar (also spelled Mudaliyar, Mudali or Mudhali) is a Tamil title used historically to denote respect and leadership. It is often associated with landowners and prominent individuals within various Tamil communities.
  2. Communities: The Mudaliar title is used by several distinct communities in Tamil Nadu, including:
    • Thuluva Vellalar Mudaliars (a subgroup of the Agamudayar community that uses the Mudaliar title)
    • Arcot Mudaliars
    • Kondaikatti Vellalar
    • Kaikolar Mudaliars
    • Agamudayar Mudaliars (Another subgroup of the Agamudayar community that also uses the Mudaliar title)


  1. Community: The Agamudayar community, also known as Agamudaiyan or Agamudaiyar, is a Tamil-speaking caste primarily found in Tamil Nadu. They are traditionally involved in agriculture and military service, but many have diversified into various professions.
  2. Classification: In Tamil Nadu, the Agamudayar community is classified under the Other Backward Classes (OBC) category, which provides certain benefits in terms of reservations in education and government jobs.
  3. Subgroups: Within the Agamudayar community, some subgroups or individuals may use the title “Mudaliar” to denote status or leadership, leading to the term “Agamudayar Mudaliar.”

Key Differences

  1. Origins and History:
    • Mudaliar: A title used by various Tamil communities, not confined to a single caste or occupation.
    • Agamudayar: A distinct caste with its own history and traditions, primarily involved in agriculture and military roles.
  2. Cultural Practices: While there can be some overlap in cultural practices due to geographic and cultural proximity, each community has its own unique traditions, festivals, and social structures.
  3. Geographical Distribution: Both groups are predominantly found in Tamil Nadu, but their presence and influence can vary across different regions within the state.

Overlapping Use of Titles

The use of the title “Mudaliar” by some members of the Agamudayar community can create confusion, but it is important to understand that:

  • The title “Mudaliar” in the context of Agamudayar Mudaliar signifies leadership or respect within the Agamudayar community.
  • It does not indicate that all Mudaliars belong to the Agamudayar caste, as many other castes also use this title.


In summary, while the title “Mudaliar” is used by several Tamil communities, including some members of the Agamudayar caste, Mudaliar and Agamudayar are not synonymous. Agamudayar refers to a specific Tamil caste, whereas Mudaliar is a broader title used across multiple communities in Tamil Nadu. Understanding these distinctions is important for recognizing the diverse and complex social structures within Tamil society.

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